As college graduates transition into the professional world, many things are different in their lives, including new needs for insurance coverage. Some students don’t even own a car or rent an apartment before graduation; others are well-versed in being independent and have plenty of experience with such things.

But as you go from being a student to a young professional, it becomes very important to evaluate – or re-evaluate – insurance needs based on this stage of your life. There are many important  coverage options to consider as you get your first professional job.


Auto Insurance

With your first job comes your first car – or at least the first car you pay insurance for on your own. Many college students rely on public transportation while in school and may know what auto insurance entails. Other students have been using an old clunker to get to class, and all they could afford up till now was liability coverage. With a better paying job comes the need or desire to upgrade to a better car. With that new car comes the need for better coverage. This is a great time to upgrade to something better than the bare minimum of liability. Additional coverage options include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, or gap coverage. 

Home/Condo/Renters Insurance

The transition to a new job usually involves buying a new home or condo, or upgrading to a better apartment closer to work. You will need additional coverage.

  • Renters Insurance: If you’re in an apartment, you’ll need renters insurance to cover your valuables, such as new furniture and electronics. Good news is, renters insurance is very affordable and won’t drain your tight budget.

  • Condo Insurance: You may be paying condo fees, but that usually just covers the building. For the interior, you’ll need condo insurance.  

  • Home Insurance: Homeowners insurance is a must for new home buyers. It can protect your home and anything in it, plus it can protect you against liability claims that happen on your property. 


Umbrella Insurance

Insurance claims and lawsuits have skyrocketed over the last several years. Spiking litigation costs can put any liable party in a life-altering situation. You may want to maximize your insurance coverage to avoid loss of significant assets and/or bankruptcy. This is particularly important for young professionals who are just now starting to feel financially secure. Umbrella insurance steps in to fill the gaps where the coverage amounts of auto or homeowners may run out. You can get a lot of extra coverage for a small monthly payment. 

Life Insurance

Many young people pass on life insurance even if they feel they could afford it. But it’s a vital part of any insurance portfolio, even for the young. That’s because life insurance is very affordable for young professionals, particularly when choosing term life. Funeral costs and other obligations can impact anyone, regardless of age, and for a few bucks a month, you get peace of mind with life insurance coverage.

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