So back in March which seems so long ago when I think of it now, it seemed like a scene from an old time movie, people rushing home from work, hoarding bread and milk and of all things toilet paper and paper towels! Everyone batted down the hatches and with childlike expectations felt safe at home as we expected to keep this invisible monster outside thinking it couldn’t get us and this would all be over by summer.

Yikes fast forward to January of 2021. We are in the midst of another surge with questionable slow down in sight? Oh my!   With a new strain of the virus surfacing????? Please wake me up when this is over!! 

I lie awake at night feeling like I hear Rod Sterling in the background narrating our story and uttering his famous Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

But alas I am positive this will have a much better ending than most of their episodes!!

We have proven time and time again, we rise to the challenge and  go above and beyond. Our resilience is amazing and we will continue to move forward and conquer the continuing challenges we face. We are in this together!!

But just in case, if you need some toilet paper, I have stocked up an entire tractor trailer and will be selling it by the roll so I can buy some paper towels!!! First come, first serve!!