Whether it's time to renew your license, you have to attend a hearing for a surcharge, or you just purchased a new vehicle, as some point you're going to have to make a trip to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. We've compiled some advice to get you through your errand as quickly and easily as possible.

Check wait times online; If you're wondering how long to expect your trip to be, you can see up to date live wait times for individual branches by going to the RMV website. 

Make sure you're prepared; Check the RMV website for a list of all required forms for your transaction type and if you're unsure, call your local Bearce insurance agent for help.

If you're scheduled for a hearing to dispute a surcharge, be sure to bring in supporting documentation showing why you are not responsible. Include photos of the area and any damage to the vehicle(s) involved, weather reports and any other relevant material to support your case. 

Consider AAA; if you are an AAA member, there are certain registry transactions that you can complete at your local AAA office instead, and skip the line. Registration and license renewals can both be completed at an AAA office.

Check to see if your transaction can be completed from your couch instead; as we enter a new age of digital transactions, many activities you once needed to visit the RMV to complete can be finished from the comfort of your home. These transactions include registration renewals, parking ticket fines and more. 

Above all, practice patience! Going to the RMV can seem like a daunting task, but the customer service representatives at the desk are there to help you find your way. Always remember a positive attitude will always get you to your goal a lot faster!