If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught business owners anything, it’s how to be flexible. Many restaurant owners who never did home delivery have found themselves plunged into that new arena. You need to protect yourself. Maybe your restaurant has always offered delivery, or perhaps you’re thinking about starting up a new home delivery service in your town. Whatever the case, it’s critical that you protect yourself. That comes in the form of restaurant home delivery service insurance, a type of business insurance.

How Restaurant Delivery Insurance Protects Your Business

The delivery aspect of your business makes it even more risky for insurers to place their trust in you. Whether you’re a restaurant, pizza parlor, or sub shop, you’re likely attracting young delivery drivers for the job. They’ll be in a big hurry to get the food to the customers’ door while it’s still hot, with the added incentive of doing a good job so they can earn bigger tips.

This leads to liability issues for you as the restaurant business owner. It’s vital that you invest in the proper restaurant delivery insurance in an effort to protect yourself and your business financially in case one of your employees gets injured or causes an accident while on the job.

To that end, you have to ensure that your restaurant delivery drivers are insured. Many restaurants that offer food delivery services aren’t always aware that they could be liable for compensation if their delivery drivers get into an accident while delivering food. They may not even have the correct auto insurance coverage in place.

Insuring Your Drivers

Keep in mind, standard auto insurance doesn’t cover the use of personal vehicles for deliveries, so your insurer may refuse your claim. This leaves you as the only liable party. Don’t assume your hired drivers are properly insured. If not, both of you could be liable for prosecution. Make sure you have the proper coverage for the following types of delivery vehicles:

  • Delivery Autos and Vans: Whether you use hired drivers who have their own vehicles or your drivers use company-owned vehicles, make sure they’re properly insured with the right policy in regards to takeaway and food delivery drivers.
  • Delivery Motorcycles: Same here. Whether you’re using hired motorcycles or mopeds or company-owned ones, check that their insurance policy is updated to include the additional risks inherent in the food delivery business.
  • Delivery Bicycles: Unlike car and motorcycle delivery drivers, food delivery on a bicycle does not legally require insurance. However, due to the risks your cyclists will be exposed to, and the fact that you may be liable for any damage or injuries they cause, you should still make sure they are properly insured.

If you fail to secure the right insurance coverage for your drivers, you may be exposing your company to major liability claims should one of your drivers cause damage or injury.

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