A couple of things you should know about Accident Forgiveness Coverage on Massachusetts Auto Policy. 

Accident Forgiveness Coverage is not free!  You pay an annual premium for this coverage.  Let’s explore the coverage. 

Accidents & Surcharges & the Merit Rating Board:    

Who is:  Massachusetts Merit Rating Board (MRB)? They are a state Board that runs the Merit Rating system.   They are directly connected to many state agencies and to all the insurance carriers.  The track data by license number about accidents, moving violations and other info that impacts the risk rating of Massachusetts drivers.  Examples:  At fault accidents, moving violations or other citations, both in and out of state. 

The MRB decides if an incident warrants an additional risk change on your insurance.   The carriers are not obligated to apply this surcharge.  But most often do! 

Accident Forgiveness Coverage:  The carrier agrees NOT to apply the surcharge only for an “at fault accident” that would apply to your current policy; also the “forgiveness usually extends to future renewals too. 

Here are some other DETAILS you should know:      

  • Accident Forgivingness Coverage premiums run from $50 to $250 per year. 
  • Accident Forgiveness is a one-shot deal; it will not do anything for a second accident. 
  • Accident Forgiveness does NOT eliminate a surcharge.  The MRB point added to your license and will “age” or be reviewed without regard to accident forgiveness.  Accident Forgiveness only eliminates the additional premium caused by the surcharge with the current carrier.
  • A “forgiven” accident will not carry over to another carrier. Any surcharge will remain, which may make it tough to change carriers in the event your Accident Forgiveness Carrier increases its base rates.  (Which many do annually or sooner.)     

The question you should consider: 

Is the premium, I must pay worth the coverage for something that might happen.  We are ready to provide you an exact quote and father explain this coverage.  The Bearce Insurance Personal Lines Team